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Cars: Everything You Need To Know

Drunk Driving: Is Your Blood Alcohol Concentration the Only Factor?

When an officer pulls you over for suspected drunk driving, they will ask you to perform a series of field sobriety tests. One of the most recognizable is the breathalyzer; by blowing into this device, it will show how high the alcohol content is in your bloodstream. The legal limit is 0.08 percent, but are you automatically safe if you are below this number? Ask any experienced Houston...

Volvo to open its first assembly plant in North America

One of the biggest car manufacturing names in Europe is set to venture into opening their very first assembling plant in the United States. The executives of Volvo Cars stated that such move is vital in their aspirations of boosting sales in the country. The plant will cost at an estimate...

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      Keeping Your Car’s Wheels in Good Condition

      For you to have a smooth and safe ride, it is important that you check your car on a regular basis and schedule enough time for its maintenance. Once you detect a problem, quickly addressing the issue helps you to cut down on bigger repair costs. The wheels are one of the most important...

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        Car Engine Reconditioning: Why Do It?

        Many refer to have their damaged engine either reconditioned or replaced with a reconditioned one. In fact, there are many engine reconditioning firms in Perth where you can buy a reconditioned engine for a relatively less but with almost the same quality as the brand new.

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          Top Automakers Show Their Latest at NY Auto Show

          Car manufacturers will be parading their new lines of luxury cars in the coming New York international Auto show. One of the biggest name in the industry, General Motors Co. will reveal it latest top of the line Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan at an event this coming Tuesday in Brooklyn prior...

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